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About Us

Alttoglass Group emerged as the result of the acquisition of Cobsa by Alttoglass in 2021.


On its 20th anniversary, Alttoglass bought Cobsa, a historic double-fired factory with more than 40 years of experience. Widening our expertise in decorative construction materials and also expanding our product range.


We are a family business that has grown to become an established brand within a global market, resulting in an agile and continuously competitive enterprise that is thriving today.

Our origins lie in the Spanish province of Castellón, the Mediterranean philosophies that we embrace are reflected in the values of Altoglass Group. 


For generations we have been educated in the importance of enjoying life and the simple things, the value of work and that everything is better when shared.


We pride ourselves in our client relationships where seamless communication flows throughout the supply chain, from sales to delivery. Increasing productivity with shorter lead times. 

Small format tiles

glass mosaic


  • Service

  • Commitment

  • Innovative design. 

We like to keep things simple. We seek close client relationships and provide optimal services and quality products.


Altoglass Group puts the clients needs first. We are committed to ensuring the clients expectations are not only met but exceeded.


Our innovative new designs are inspired by the incredible Castellón landscapes, the magnificent Mediterranean climate and our historical culture and creative community. 


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Ancla 1


US branch

Pol. Ind. Casablanca s/n

12593 Moncofar, Castellón (España)

+34 964 57 78 78

1924-28 NW 82 Avenue

Doral, FL 33126 (US)

+1 305-718-8682

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